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Wentworthville Hot Water System Repairs

Gas & Electric Hot Water SystemsAt Plumber Wentworthville our hot water system repairs are our most requested emergency plumbing service and we’ve repaired and replaced hundreds of Wentworthville electric and gas hot water systems. Our vast plumbing experience allows us to quickly diagnose gas and electric hot water system faults and we can be at your Wentworthville premises in less than 30 minutes for any hot water system emergency repairs.

Our Wentworthville plumbers have been fixing and installing gas and electric hot water systems for years and all of our services are 100% gtd and very competitively priced…Contact us now on 1800 779 137

Electric Hot Water System Repairs

Fault finding electric hot water system faults is a task that our Wentworthville plumbers are very experienced at. We understand the common faults that occur on electric hot water systems such as faulty thermostats, corroded heating elements that malfunction intermittently, and internal tank corrosion which causes contaminated hot water and heater tank leakage. We can also provide periodic plumbing maintenance to your hot water relief valves and ensure that the heater settings remain correctly calibrated.

Electric Hot Water Heater Tanks

We are your local Wentworthville electric hot water heater system repair & installation specialist…

Electric Hot Water System Installations

Our Plumber Wentworthville electric hot water installation service will dispose of your old hot water system for free. Should we happen to diagnose your hot water system faults as being irreparable than we can provide you with great trade discounts on new electric hot water systems and installations. As highly experienced Wentworthville plumbers we can correctly gauge the required hot water system capacity that your premises needs to have installed & we can source you a reputable brand name hot water heater system for a very competitive price.

Gas Hot Water System Repairs

We’ve been performing gas hot water system repairs for years and we have a complete understanding of the intricacies involved with performing allusive fault finding work on gas hot water heaters. Gas systems can fail from a multitude of difficult to diagnose faults and it takes an experience plumber to get to the source of the problem quickly. We carry all of the required spare parts on board to repair gas hot water heater systems and have all of the required equipment to test for gas leaks and repair gas leaks.

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We can get your hot water flowing again & repair most heater system faults in under 30 minutes…

Gas Hot Water System Fault Finding

The most frequent reason we are called upon to repair a gas hot water system is because the gas pilot light has been extinguished. This common fault can have a myriad of causes. At least 30% of the time this is due to a gust of wind hitting the gas hot water heater at just the right angle and extinguishing the pilot light. To rectify this we can install a wind guard. Other faults include the pilot light nozzle becoming clogged with soot and debris or the thermostatic coupler falling out of calibration which stops the gas flow and extinguishers the pilot light.

For all emergency gas & electric hot water heater system faults call us now on 1800 779 137

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